10 Useful Ways To Use Your Used Tea Bags For Your Garden

Most people throw the used tea bags of what was once their refreshing beverage. However, used tea bags are nature-friendly and decompose a lot faster.

Most people throw the used tea bags of what was once their refreshing beverage.

However, used tea bags are nature-friendly and decompose a lot faster than most waste. Why create more garbage? We can use tea bags in a lot of useful (and creative) ways in your garden or home.

Keep on reading. In this article, you could learn a lot of alternative but very useful ways to dispose of a used tea bag.

And next time when you finish your refreshing tea, you might store it for burying in your garden instead of getting rid of it quickly.

1) Tea Bags Can Decompose Naturally

Tea bags contain very little plastic that is only used to seal the bags. And because the amount of plastic is so small, tea bags can completely decompose after six months!

Also, keep in mind that the bags themselves are made out of abaca leaf stalks, which makes them very organic and decomposable.

2) They Are Healthy For The Soil

Teabags are natural fertilizers to your garden. They contain nutrients and tannic acid that create a much healthier environment in the ground for growing. These nutrients are released to the soil as the teabags decompose.

3) They Can Reduce Waste

When you bury your teabags in your garden or dispose of them in a compost pile for fertilizing your garden, you effectively reduce the amount of waste in your environment.

4) Leaf Eating Insects Hate Teabags

Pests detest the odor of used tea bags. Sprinkle some used tea around your plants to make sure those lunch-seeking pests are kept well away from your healthy, green leaves

5) Kitties Hate Teabags

Is your little tiger a troublemaker? Do you wake up too often to find your favorite plants urinated? Well, teabags can be the solution that you’ve been looking for!

Just sprinkle some used tea grounds around your plants in your garden or your indoor plants.

6) Alternative To Soil

Amazingly, but used teabags can also imitate soil properties. Yes, your teabags can grow a garden! Provided of course, that you have seeds, water, a plastic container for growth and a paper towel.

With this setup, you can germinate the seeds and then replant them in your wider garden.

7) Teabags Increase Deconstruction

The acidic compound in tea bags can significantly optimize the process of decomposition of old plants in your garden. Tea bags can also speed up the decomposition process in compost piles made out of all kinds of natural waste.

If you waste a lot of time waiting for the compost bin to decompose, just throw a few teabags in there and reduce your waiting time in half.

8) Tea Leaves Can Be A Favorite Snack

For the worms in your garden, that is. Tea leaves contain much more nutrients than natural garden leaves. And worms love to munch them! And furthermore, as worms eat more nutrients, your soil becomes healthier for growing other plants.

9) Teabags Can Help Plants To Keep More Water

Just bury your bags near the assets in your garden and leave them to keep plants more moisturized. Plants that can benefit from water retention are flowers, vegetables, and germinated plants.

10) Teabags Are Weed Repellents

When you bury teabags in your garden, you also help to remove those pesky weeds from your garden. This can be obviously helpful for every gardener. This effect is because of the high amount of organic content in the bags.

Source: DIYEverywhere

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