3D Printer Built the Whole House in Just 24 Hours

3D Printer Built the Whole House in Just 24 Hours

The Russian company Kor Apis in just 24 hours has built a house using a 3D printer. The house of 37 square meters is located in Russia, and its construction will cost slightly more than $10,000.

The main components of the house, such as walls, partitions, and envelopes are made of concrete materials, windows and furniture were later added. Total construction costs about 10,134 dollars.


The house consists of hallway, bathroom, living room and kitchen, and the company claims that her life of 175 years.

“We want to change the opinion that the construction cannot be fast, environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable at the same time. Our goal is to become the largest international construction company that would solve the problem with accommodation around the world,” said company founder Nikita Chen-yun-tai.

Apis Kor claims to the first company that has developed a 3D printer that can build buildings at the scene. Otherwise, 3D home is usually not built on the site where will be located.


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