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7 Health Benefits Of Bilimbi Fruit (Kamias)

The Bilimbi fruit, also known as Kamias comes from the Philippines. People use it for aesthetic purposes, but also for its amazing health benefits.

The Bilimbi fruit, also known as Kamias comes from the Philippines.

People nowadays see it as a very underappreciated fruit. People also know it for having a sour flavor.

This exotic fruit is also known as the cucumber. People use it for aesthetic purposes, but also for its incredibly amazing health benefits.

Because it is rich with antioxidants, vitamins B and C, and iron, this tree is very useful and beneficial for your health.

1. Treats Allergies

Having an allergy means that your body’s immune system is susceptible to certain things that are around your body, for example, certain foods, cat fur, etc.

Some symptoms that are in relation to having an allergy towards something out of our bodies count things like having a runny nose, itching, having trouble breathing, or other more serious ones triggered by a severe allergy.

Drinking Bilimbi juice can often help treat these symptoms and make your life a lot easier during these times.

2. Treats Bad Coughs

An extract from the fruit can be used as an ingredient of coughing syrup. This is the case because the Bilimbi fruit has proven to reduce inconvenience when it comes to coughs and having a runny nose.

3. Good For The Bones

With time, as the years go by, our bones and teeth become weaker. Even though taking calcium supplements is a good idea, it’s always better to actually eat food rich in calcium.

Kamias or the Bilimbi fruit can benefit your entire body and system by supporting it with the very much needed calcium. It makes our bones denser and stronger.

4. Treats Diabetes

People living with diabetes can make great use of this fruit. Take 6 grains kamias and add some water. Boil this mix and clean the water from the grains. It’s advised to drink this beverage two times a day.

5. Helps With Managing HBP

If your blood pressure is above 140/90, it means you’re struggling with HBP, or high blood pressure.

The Bilimbi fruit has been used to treat this condition for generations. Boil the fruits with three glasses of water. Let half the water evaporate. This mixture should be consumed once you wake up.

6. Treats Rheumatic Pain

If you’re experiencing rheumatic pains, crush a handful of the kamia leaves and one of the grains. Mix with some water and put on the areas that hurt three times a day.

7. Helps With Weight Loss

Eating low-calorie meals and snacks is always a task. Here’s where the Bilimbi Fruit comes into play. Add it to your meals and eat it instead of a chocolate bar. You can combine the fruit in dozens of different ways and make amazingly tasty and eye-catching meals out of it.

Being rich in vitamin B, it’s also very good for your health and overall metabolism.

Source: 1 Million Health Tips

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