Arrange Home as Nate: The Introduction of an Order and Small Details for Home Makeover

Arrange Home

Dream home: The famous designer and author of “The Nate Berkus Show” in a new book reveals their best classic and modern advice for cheap decorating home tips.

The home should be a reflection of your personality, but do not copy ideas from magazines or her what you have on your friends and family, says Nate Berkus, a famous designer, author of “things that make the home” and show “The Nate Berkus Show”.

If you start to edit a home from scratch, first create a picture of what you want your home to look like. When you do, the easier it will recognize “that special something” in the choice of the sofa in the store, the table where or candlesticks that suit the atmosphere. Be especially careful when arranging living room.

– Most people have the impression that room should be strictly organized, without a lot of things. But living room should be relaxed and playful and filled with things we like – advises the designer and adds:

– It is these details give the house personality. Purchase them one by one, the new handles for cabinets, glasses for toothbrush or mailbox. And certainly, be bold: Enter a surprise in a corner of the apartment – bright colors on one wall, the edges of the chair painted in the color of raspberry or the playful pattern on the sofa will look great.

Also, do not let the TV dominates: bookshelf wall-to-wall is the more interesting solution. Or place the TV in an antique wardrobe, whose doors you can close when you want to hang out.

Play with Flowers

Whenever you can, buy a bouquet of tulips or some seasonal flowers and put a vase on the table in the room or on the kitchen cabinet. So every week, you can change the style of decoration.

Make Mini Gallery

Works of art will enrich every room, regardless of whether the photographs, paintings or sculptures. Place them in one place, accessible terms, says a famous designer.

Everyone Has Their Collection

Begin to collect something. Whether it is the first edition of valuable books, the first pieces of service for tea or figurines of animals, the collection will bring personality to each space, adds Berkus.


The light does not have to choke curtains and vases can be hidden from view.


Simple wooden shelves eternal classic with which you cannot go wrong says, Nate.

Do It Yourself

Plain stump with a little effort can become interesting ottoman or coffee table.

Divide Home to Small Areas, So It Will Enlarge It

Whether you live in a dorm or a rented apartment, invest in a piece of furniture that will move with you and accompany you ten years, if not longer. Every place will give a feeling of home, says a famous designer Nate Berkus and notes that this particular piece of it, of which you should start building your own style.

What is his arrangement of small apartments a special challenge, Berkus be used trickery and says that each small area can be increased:

– The best advice for a good organization in a small space is to regularly clean the apartment. You may not feel pleasantly designed space if you cannot see shelves from dust, or if things are not in place – says and adds:

– In a small apartment, it is often difficult to hide the bed from view. To avoid the use of a screen, get a sofa with a high back, which you can set at the foot of the bed. It will create the impression of separation and will not choke space – says the designer.

Also, the division of the home into zones will create the impression of a separate room. Carefully select the center of each zone: for example, the Moroccan table for space travel, white lacquered table or counter in the “dining room” and angular desk in the “office.”

And when you get tired of all, you do not have to spend a lot of money on new furniture, advises Nate.

Blue Piece for Strong Impression

The color palette consisting of white, beige and cream completely unexpected will act blue piece of furniture or accessory. Dyeing and painting furniture is a good way to change the atmosphere in the room.

Our Eye Loves Odd Number

Lamps, picture frames, flowers, etc. Arrange always in odd numbers. Five decorative candles is always more interesting than four, three candlesticks look better than just two, says Nate.

A Small Bedroom, The Bed in The Middle

In a small room, the bed should be in focus. Raise it extra pillows or upholstered headboard. I should always be neat, with blankets color harmonized with the rest of the apartment.

5 Questions with Which You Will Find the Right Color

  • First of all, ask yourself what is your favorite color, says Nate
  • For the first color from the palette that you please ask yourself how you feel. Considering how you react to it now, that will keep you feeling track
  • Are you the type who likes warm shades reminiscent of a sunny day or you love the cold, winter tones?
  • What color dominates in your wardrobe? It is one of which you are going to feel great
  • Is there room light or daylight? If it is too dark, choose lighter shades!

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