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These Are The Most Effective Diets Of The World!

Although using a diet is the fastest way to get rid of pounds for most people, they should not be just that.

Although using a diet is the fastest way to get rid of pounds for most people, they should not be just that. Apart from the rapid loss of calories, they should actually be a search for a healthier way of life.

Whether you have high cholesterol, heart problems, or pressure, you are left out of being disciplined and looking for the best way to get in line.

If you want to find out how to lose a few pounds, the U.S. News and World Report has announced and chosen the seven most effective diets you can count on, along with all their advantages and disadvantages.

They are relatively easy to follow, nutritious, safe and effective for weight loss, and help in fighting diabetes and heart disease.


This diet was originally used as a diet method for people with elevated blood pressure, but it proved to be very successful in weight loosing.

GOOD: Diet rich in potassium, calcium, fiber and protein, is excellent for regulating blood pressure.

BAD: Food preparation can be long-lasting, and the food you need is expensive.

Diet TLC

TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Change) diet lowers cholesterol and is designed for people with high cholesterol problems, but soon became one of the most popular methods for healthy weight loss.

GOOD: With this diet in just six weeks you can lower cholesterol by as much as eight to 10 percent.

BAD: Unlike other diets, there is no strict definition of what exactly is when you eat, it is most important to reduce your fat intake and include a lot of carbohydrates in your diet.

The Mayo Clinic Diet

The American Clinic Mayo is one of the world’s most famous hospitals and employs a number of professionals, and is a major authority in the field of healthy eating.

GOOD: With this diet, it is possible to lose 3 to 5 pounds in two weeks, and it is made for people who are struggling with diabetes.

BAD: It is based on fresh fruit and vegetables, so it can be a very expensive sport, and it is not gratifying even if you often eat in restaurants.

Mediterranean Diet

It is good for heart and blood vessels health. The basic foods are fish and seafood, olive oil, green leafy vegetables, like raisins, fruits like grapes, melons, and nuts.

GOOD: The emphasis is on health and weight loss.

BAD: It can be expensive, and the food is prepared for a long time.

Diet Weight Watchers

The program is based on four principles: nutrition, the motivation for exercise, habits and group support. There is also a scoring system, an individual choosing meals depending on the body weight, which can also be purchased in Weight Watchers diet centers.

GOOD: There are no prohibited foods, eating just about everything.

BAD: It is pretty expensive.

Flexitarian Diet

Its goal is to reduce the intake of animal proteins and increase the intake of plant food.

GOOD: People on this type of diet weigh 15 percent less than those who consume meat.

BAD: If you are a fan of meat, run away from this diet.

Diet Volumetrics

It is based on low-calorie water rich foods.

GOOD: Perfect for diabetics and for heart health.

BAD: If you are not a fan of fruit, vegetables, and soup, it’s not for you!

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