Floating Flowerpots: An Innovation You Have to See

Flowerpots can be the most interesting decorative element in your home.

A Swedish company “FLYTE” assured that flower containers can be the most interesting decorative element in your home.

Their innovative system “LYFE” consists of geometric pots freely floats and rotates above the wooden base and allows you to grow your favorite plants in the middle of the air.


Cute pot is of small dimensions (10 x 8 cm) and is designed in accordance with Nordic elegance and minimalist design. A magnet built into potted deducted from electromagnetic base measuring 15 x 15 cm and that makes “LYFE” hovering in the air.

While “LYFE” gracefully rotates, its 12 pages reflect light in different ways and create an interesting effect. Flowerpot is made of silicone, which makes its surface slip and interesting touch.

Navigating through the air has a particularly beneficial effect on the so-called air plants that absorb nutrients through their leaves through the air, unlike other plants that this process is carried out through the root.

The plants need sunlight, a “LYFE” and their rotation ensures that all parts of the plant are equally exposed to light. In addition, the magnetic field has a powerful impact on all forms of life on earth, and especially plants. Numerous studies have shown that the magnetic field can accelerate the metabolism of plants and fruit ripening.

Although primarily intended for air plants, pots can be used for growing other plants. To prevent rot from excessive watering of plants, the designers have created a system that drains water into a hidden, inner tank.


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