Furniture for Urban Nomads

Furniture for Urban Nomads

The development of modern technology has enabled the emergence of so-called “urban nomads”, mainly young professionals, who have adopted the modern concept of fluidity in your lifestyle.

For them, the flexibility of a standard that applies to many aspects of life, mostly relating to the place of work and residence.


Now, more than ever before, place of residence is considered to be less durable and more flexible home with variable configuration, in order to quickly and easily respond to current requirements and needs of the owner in a certain stage of life.

“Nomadism” becomes noticeable and in terms of the home: home dimensions become smaller especially in big cities, function rooms overlap, which results in the more frequent relocation of furniture and accessories and adapt to current needs.

Furniture and other household items are no longer tied to a specific space or room in the house but become part of the flexible configuration of home. Both living room becomes temporarily study or guest room or work if necessary “moves” in the bedroom.

Designers, therefore, take into account the needs of modern life and create furniture and household items that are easy to move, dismantle and adapting to the needs, small spaces or changing all at home.

Urban Nomad Sofa, Hannabi

Modular sofa “Urban Nomad” has no solid structure – consisting of two large rectangular mattress support and the triangular elements that serve as a back. The components of the sofa can be separated and used in many ways. The absence of frame and legs makes items easy and practical to remove and combine.

When Xtend, Carina Deuschl

“Xtend” is a prototype foldable and portable tubs that allow full enjoyment of bathing wherever you want. The black frame is made of carbon fiber and combines interesting design, convenience, and comfort. It weighs just seven kilograms. The interior is made of white contrast material. Soft, but extremely durable and completely waterproof. This is when, if necessary, needs to be quickly and easily assembled and used anywhere near a running water.

Furniture Crisscross, Sam Wrigley

British designer Sam Wrigley has designed a line of modular furniture “crisscross” whose design is adapted to frequent relocations, that is, the need for frequent assembly and disassembly. Therefore, its parts connect a simple, durable system, without the use of tools. Suffice it to buckle sinking already made holes to panels were attached.

Lamp Clover, Lexon Design

“Clover” is a modern version of the lantern, ie. Portable lamp without cable that can hang anywhere. Charging via USB and has two different settings lighting. It can be used individually or in a group, such as a chandelier whose shape easily changed. The lamp is water resistant, but can also serve as additional lighting in the bathroom, and garden lighting, so as to hang on the tree branches, gates or exterior walls.

Basket Table, ZZ Design Studio

Chinese designer Mario Tsai created a collection of club tables that are overlooked that often move in a safe way, thanks to a thin rectangular frame that serves as a handle. In this way, what can bring such as baskets, only one hand. The tabletop can be easily detached from the frame and used separately as a tray.



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