Garden Bed Borders – Cool Ideas For Vegetable And Flower Gardens

When proper demarcation and garden borders are applied, this beautification features end up looking quite attracting and eye-catching.

Make your home beautiful, build the perfect garden.

Vegetable and flower gardens play quite a vital role in freshening the air and making your home a greener space.


When proper demarcation and garden borders are applied, the beautification features end up looking quite attracting and eye-catching.

Here are some cool ideas that will make your garden an  inspiring green space.

Metal Pipe Edging

You can use some old pipes as borders in your garden for a unique border . After being buried, they can be filled with rocks or soil, and can even act as a container to grow smaller plants. You can also try painting them, to make your garden colorful.

Cinder Block Garden

You can use a cinder block garden for a great garden wall, and you can also plant even more things inside of them.

Steering away from the natural stone and wood edging, here is an example of a more industrial option – cinder blocks. Maybe this is not the first thing that you can thing of, but cinder blocks are very well-suited for this purpose.

They are easy to install and can be placed with a slight curve.  They could even be painted to compliment your garden,and add some cool vibe to it.

River Rock Drainage

This is a garden feature that serves two purposes, it allows efficient drainage of rain water, and this can be used to separate different garden beds.

First of all, you have to put a plastic liner underneath the river rock, water is directed away from your house and foundation.

Glass Bottle Border

Such an interesting and beautiful option, that will put some freshness to your garden. You can use different colors and styles of bottles,and you can even paint something on them (flowers, ornaments, etc).

You can place them at random heights.

Plastic Borders

This type of edging has its benefits, because the pieces are modular and can be put together to make many different shapes and it will never rot.

But this kind of border is more fragile than stone or brick.


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