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Health Benefits Of Eating Lanzones

People cultivate lanzones for the fruit. There are many ways to consume it, however the raw lanzones are the healthiest choice.

Lanzones are also known as Lansium domesticum, langsat or buahluku. This fruit belongs to the Mahogany family and they originate from Southeast Asia and Southern India.

They have round, elliptical or oval shape with yellowish to brownish peel. According to their shape they look like small potatoes but. they grow similarly like the grapes in bunches. Not to even mention its taste or even the advantages of consuming it.


People cultivate lanzones for the fruit. There are many ways to consume it, however the raw lanzones are the healthiest choice. Thailand people make a syrup out of this fruit, thus they preserve it for a longer period of the year, but candies are made out of them also.

However, Thai people consume this fruit raw mostly. The benefit of this can be seen in the fact that many traditional medications are made from some parts of the plant, for example:

1. Ulcer And Deworming Medication

The bitter seeds can be pounded and mixed with water to make the natural medication. You need to drink this healthy remedy.

2. Dysentery And Malaria

These diseases are traditionally treated with the bark of the lanzones tree, but, if the bark is powdered it cures scorpion stings.

3. For Diarrhea

The peel of the lanzones fruit and also the bark from the tree is used to treat diarrhea efficiently. Also, the dried and burned peel can be used as incense that keep insects away.

4. Antipyretic Properties

The lanzones fruit is highly effective remedy for high temperature and it helps you recover from the flu much faster.

5. Rich In Thiamine (B1 Vitamin)

Improves the health of those with nervous system disorder and cardiovascular illnesses. B1 vitamin has an anti-stress property, which means that it has the potential to help you reduce the impact the stress has on you.

6. Rich in Riboflavin (B2 Vitamin)

This is a very beneficial property of the lanzones fruit. 100g of lanzones contain 8% or the daily recommended dose of B2 vitamin for both men and women. This vitamin is versatile, but mostly is used for body growth and it generates red blood cells. Another property of this fruit is that it plays an incredible role in helping your organism to transform the carbs into energy.

7. Bloating Treatment

The resin from the bark of the lanzones tree treats bloating, swelling and spasm conditions. Also, the resin has anti-inflammatory and anti-colic properties. It protects the abdomen from acute pains.

8. Rich In Vitamin A

It is a crucial element for health and strength of our bones, maintaining clear skin, vision and also it improves the neurological function. Its antioxidant properties support our immune system, thus improving the health of our whole body by the help of this fruit.

9. Rich In Antioxidants

They are rich in carotene, and polyphenols, which are natural powerful antioxidants. All of them are vital for preventing oxidation processes that damage our cells and causes mutilation that is connected to many wicked diseases. Antioxidants have anti-ageing properties in the fight with the wrinkles. Also, the risk for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer will be significantly reduced.

10. Rich In Fiber

Lanzones fruit is an incredible source of fiber. A hundred grams of lanzones has more than 2g of fiber and that is 6% of the recommended dose per day for men and 8% for women. Fiber is never enough for our bodies and it relieves the digestive track problems and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Only the flesh of the lanzones fruit is edible, not the seeds or the peel.

11. Dental Health

Because of its high phosphorus content, it may assist in strengthening and whitening your teeth, also minimizing the chances of a toothache.

12. Manages Cholesterol

Lanzones have a significant proportion of Niacin (Vitamin B3), which, similar to the fiber present in it, is useful in increasing good cholesterol that goes on to eliminate bad cholesterol from the blood, ensuring a good heart health.

13. For Diabetes

This fruit is considered to be a healthy snack for people with diabetes as its high fiber content, along with the presence of the antioxidant polyphenol, aids in improving glucose levels by slowing down the absorption of sugar.

How To Eat Lanzones

  1. Peel the thin skin of the fruit with your fingers
  2. Break the segments apart
  3. Take one segment, take out the green seed (if present) and eat.

Nowadays, you don’t have an excuse not to eat lanzones, because (just in case you didn’t know) they can be found easily on the tropical markets, in the USA and in Canada as well. You should all know about these amazing benefits of lanzones.


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