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Health Benefits Of Soybeans & Soy Products

Soy refers to practically any food item that is made out of soybean. Soy is good for the muscles, bones and other vital organs of the body.

Soy refers to practically any food item that is made out of soybean.

Stepping foot inside the local supermarket as well as health food stores allows you to run into so many of them. Currently, soy comes in the form of flour, paste, sauce, cake, shakes and nuts. It is also available as burger patties and hotdogs, perfect for consumers who steer clear of meat products.


Especially when the nutritive content and health-giving benefits of soy are taken into consideration, the sheer amount of attention and adulation it is getting won’t seem surprising.

It is good for the muscles, bones and other vital organs of the body. It also contains plant-derived compounds known to help prevent infection and certain diseases such as cancer.

The word “soy” may only consist of 3 letters but the list of this particular food product’s benefits to the health is a lengthy one.

1. Builds And Repairs The Muscles

Other than various meat products, soy provides the amino acids you need. In fact, it is considered as a complete protein because it has each and every amino acid your body requires to build, repair and maintain muscles.

Faux meat out of soy is perfect for strict vegetarians as well as individuals who like to limit their meat intake to avoid fat and cholesterol.

2. Boosts The Immune System

Plant-derived compounds in soy called saponins are capable of boosting the immune system. Having top-notch immunity is the key to warding off infections as well as parasites.

The consumption of it and various products from soybean helps in strengthening your body’s defense against the common cold, cough and other diseases caused by invading microorganisms.

3. Helps Fight Cancer

Other than saponins, soy also contains isoflavones known to help prevent the development and multiplication of cancer cells.

Scientists have found out that isoflavones are highly effective in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells of the prostate, colon, skin and breasts. Soybeans and related products are the most common and best sources of isoflavones.

4. Promotes Bone Health

Soy also contains calcium, a mineral necessary for strengthening the bones. The consumption of it and soybean products prevents the loss of bone tissue, thereby reducing the risk most especially of women for developing osteoporosis.

5. Beneficial For The Heart

It’s true that soy is comparable to meat in terms of amino acid content. However, what makes it better is the fact that soybean products do not contain bad cholesterol that clog up the arteries. What’s more, the consumption of it elevates the amount of good cholesterol.

Even though there’s little fat in soy, it’s the good kind that won’t ruin your heart’s health.


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