The Most Popular Trends in The Interior Design In 2017

Special emphasis is placed on lighting, patterns on fabrics and feminine aesthetics or trends that can easily transform a space.

Special emphasis is placed on lighting, patterns on fabrics and feminine aesthetics or trends that can easily transform a space.

Although it’s been a long time since we stepped into new year 2017, when it comes to interior design and organization of space, in this field are finally brought to light certain trends that we will see this year more often than usual.


Innovative Lighting

Today there are a bunch of refreshing and unusual design, which often combines cutting-edge technology, as well as a number of innovations. Suffice it to say that a lighting fixture can have several different versions, as well as a myriad of additional functions.

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Urban Gardens as an Extension of the Interior

We live in a time when our life became sufficient, and flats became smaller. Because of this, more attention is paid to the open spaces within the home or a so-called oasis as an escape and a place for relaxation. The emphasis is on the more greenery, and natural materials to convey the impression that you are in a deep forest away from everything and everyone.

Feminine Aesthetics

It is desired to have pieces of furniture that flirt with femininity. They are expressed with very sleek lines, rounded design details, textures and soft pastel colors that will immediately remind you of the gentler sex. Welcome in every type of interior.

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Materials Are Important

The combination of different materials and designs are dominated this year. Whether it’s on the floors, ceilings, walls, it is essential that the whole scenery weaves. What certainly has to play a big role in this segment are tiles that can give a certain charm and eclectic.

Artistic Expression On Fabrics

Fabrics are what can completely change each area or emphasize a particular style. They are so practical, but actually a very influential and practical. What stands out are the carpets that with their motives look like canvases and become really small works of art that can completely transform the space.

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Technology and Design Work Together

From smartphones to smart homes, today’s life is a kind of glimpse into the future. This year, the classic ways of decorating the home were replaced by very aggressive real small futuristic travels. Who could resist household gadgets, which also can be aesthetically pleasing, and thereby smart?

Modernized Iconic Design Pieces

We are increasingly witnessing some modern version of cult designer pieces of furniture. In any case, these modernized classics are always gladly seen as a statement piece of space.

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