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This Is The Truth About Microwaves You Probably Didn’t Know

According to some researches, microwave ovens are bad for our health, but we still use them every day.

According to some researches, microwave ovens are bad for our health, but we still use them every day.

How Microwave Owen Was Invented?

Magnetron is a tube that produces microwaves and it was invented during World War II. It was used in Britain’s radars and with microwaves all Nazi warplanes that flew on their mission to bomb the British Isles were found.

The fact that microwaves can cook food was found by accident by Percy LeBaron Spencer of the Raytheon Company. He found out that when the candy in his pocket was melted by radar waves. So, the first microwave oven was called Radar Range and it wasn’t compact at all. It was actually very large and heavy as a refrigerator.

Cooking Food With Microwave Ovens

Food is cooked when atoms are forced to reverse their polarity by alternating currents. With this the friction is made and it vibrates the water contained in the food molecules, which cause the food to heat up.

How Dangerous Are Microwave Ovens?

The microwave oven can produce 2.45 billion hertz, and that can’t harm you until the door on your microwave began to age and leak. And since the human body can be harmed by 10 hertz, just think what can happen with 2.45 billion hertz. So it is probably for the best not to stand near an operating microwave, because you can’t know if it is harming your body until the damage is done.

Severe Side Effects Of Microwave Oven

It can cause serious health problems.

  • Cancer
  • Birth defects
  • Cataracts
  • It can weaken the immune system
  • Resistance to bacterial and viral infections can be harmed
  • Food Prepared in Microwave Ovens
  • Supposedly the food prepared in microwave is decreased in its nutrients
  • Microwaves break molecular and chemical bonds
  • Food prepared in the microwave is harmed by radiation and has deformed molecules, which can be dangerous

Study About Microwaves

Search for Health showed a study in 1992, where they have shown all the side effect caused by microwaves. Participants only ate microwaved vegetables, and they all experienced the same:

  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Decrease in white blood cells
  • Increase in leukocyte
  • Decrease in hemoglobin

This is not the end. Studies have shown that even if the microwave is perfectly sealed, you will be exposed to very harmful levels of electromagnetic fields. Health problems are inevitable, so you should stay at least three feet from the microwave when it’s working.

So, if you want to buy a microwave oven, think twice, you will prepare your food faster, but you will pay the price in some other, more serious, way.

Source: Wellmindness

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