Whiten Your Teeth With Aluminum Foil

Putting aluminum foil on your teeth is very effective if you need to whiten them.

Putting aluminum foil on your teeth is very effective if you need to whiten them.

Today you can choose a variety of teeth whitening products, but most of them are ineffective. Most of them also contain carbamide peroxide teeth and small whitening particles.

Aluminum Foil To Whiten Your Teeth

In this article I advise you to make whitening toothpaste independently.

1. Mix your your ordinary toothpaste with a small amount of baking soda.

2. Take aluminum foil and cut it according to the your teeth size.

3. Apply toothpaste on aluminum foil and glue aluminum foil on your teeth.

4. Have the aluminum foil stuck to your teeth for 60 minutes.

For faster results, you can repeat this procedure twice a day for a week. In a few days you can find your teeth look whiter.

Do not worry because this procedure is absolutely safe by dentists.

But make sure you do not do it too often otherwise you can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth.

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