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Why You Should Be Drinking Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass stands as the best source of chlorophyll you can find. Chlorophyll is one of the principle requirements for healthy blood.

Wheatgrass is a seriously powerful liquid. Heavily recommended by doctors across the USA, it’s an incredibly resilient ingredient and goes well with pretty much anything.

How To Consume It

What you need to make this remedy is a handful of organic wheat. Plant the wheat in a plastic bowl and, when it sprouts 7-8 days later, harvest it. Take the harvested wheat-grass and put it in a blender, add 2 glasses of water and a few ice cubes. Blend thoroughly for a couple of minutes.

Sieve the mixture through a piece of gaze, to hold back the cellulose that our organism can’t digest ( this is a skill only animals have). Drink the green wheat juice every day. You can add it to your juice, or add it to a fruit mix like banana, mango and apple to hide the taste.

Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass

Unless you want to start eating daffodils, wheatgrass stands as the best source of chlorophyll you can find.

This amazing plant is made up of a whopping 70% of it and chlorophyll is one of the principle requirements for healthy blood.

Wheatgrass has 17 amino acids. Containing basically all minerals on the face of the planet, it’s also rich in Vitamins A, B, C, E  and K.

Wheatgrass’s chlorophyll content helps to slow down the aging process by decomposing radical enzymes contained within the body.

As the first product of light, chlorophyll is known to contain a load of light energy.

Chlorophyll has been proven to slow the growth of hostile bacteria.

Chlorophyll has some pretty impressive antibacterial properties. Used in some cultures as a means of treating illness, wheatgrass can help to promote anti-aging.

Acting as a narcotic detox, chlorophyll in liquid form flushes drugs from the body.

Chlorophyll can rectify blood sugar issues.

Chlorophyll helps to purify the liver.

Containing high levels of oxygen, wheatgrass can help to promote healthy brain activity.

As a nutrient powerhouse, wheatgrass contains everything humans need. Wheatgrass is an ingredient that is solitarily sustainable, meaning humans can basically live off it.

Wheatgrass juice provides a stronger detox ability than carrots and celery.

Giving you energy in 20 minutes or less, wheatgrass is high in ingredients easily converted into simple sugars, making it ideal for snacking on during the day.

Wheatgrass is so nutrient-rich that it turns off the body’s appestat, meaning you’ll feel less hungry after eating it.

Incorporating a small amount of wheatgrass into your daily diet has been shown to prevent tooth decay.

Wheatgras promotes anti-aging by preventing hair from turning grey.

Wheatgrass streamlines the digestive process. Your stomach lining is going to get irritated eventually if you drink a lot of coffee like me. Wheatgrass will counteract this nicely.

A slightly bizarre addition, but by creating an enema from wheatgrass and leaving it inserted for 20 minutes, you can help to treat inflammations of the colon. This plant really can do everything.

By extracting the juice, massaging it onto the scalp and leaving it to work its magic for 15 minutes, wheatgrass can even remove dandruff.

Wheatgrass is completely free of gluten, because it’s harvested before the grain-forming process in its growth cycle.

I’m sure you get the picture. After feeling increasingly guilty writing this post whilst eating a packet of chips, I’m now going out to buy some wheatgrass. You should do the same.

I’m ever the optimist, but we’re keen to hear about your experiences (negative or positive) with wheatgrass. Let us know what you think and tell us about any tips you have that we haven’t mentioned above!

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