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There are so many things that can cause nausea to strike. An acid reflux attack is one of the most common ones. Motion sickness is another usual cause.

Homemade Ginger Candy For Nausea & Indigestion

Do you often feel sick to your stomach after eating or when riding a car, boat or airplane? There are so many things that can cause nausea to strike. An acid reflux attack is one of the most common ones, which is usually prompted by a meal that consists of trigger foods such as those […]

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Detox your body and clean the colon with the help of this simple homemade recipe which includes apples, ginger and lemon.

Detox Your Body With The Apple, Ginger & Lemon Mixture

Talking about diseases which are caused by neglecting the health of the colon like diarrhea and constipation is certainly not something we enjoy. However, learning how to avoid these problems might be worth your while. Moreover, you can prevent serious issues which might happen as a consequence of a toxic colon. We have great news. […]

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The DIY mouthwash contains nothing that you don't want to put in your mouth. And the best thing is that it's super easy to make.

DIY All Natural Antibacterial Mouthwash

Are you fed up with the limited selections of mouthwash at local pharmacies and supermarkets? Read on to know how to make your own mouthwash that’s capable of killing microbes that cause bad breath and a host of other oral problems. Mouthwash that contains alcohol may be very good at zapping bacteria, but it leaves […]

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There are many benefits to frankincense & myrrh. These essential oils are very strong and a person should be careful using them.

The Many Health Benefits Of Combining Frankincense & Myrrh

The use of frankincense & myrrh has dated back to the time of early Christianity. Many people have come to believe that they have healing powers. In Egypt frankincense was used as a vision protecting ability and men and women wore it as eyeliner. Greek philosopher Hippocrates wrote about the powers of myrrh. Both of […]

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In case you are dealing with insomnia, you should try this natural remedy to get rid of this problem. The sleepy dust remedy consists of only two commonly found ingredients that are able to ease this natural biochemical reaction.

Try This Homemade Sleepy Dust To Cure Your Insomnia

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced situations in which we woke up at night and we were not able to continue sleeping. A scientific study conducted not so long ago has shown that more than 40% of Americans have sleeping problems including waking up at night. One of the main reasons that lead to this […]

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